Wednesday, December 26, 2012

0 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Today has been one of the best type of Christmas days . . . the kind where you don't get out of your PJ's all day long!

Yesterday we had Christmas at my parent's house.  It's always been the tradition to do Christmas on Christmas Eve at my parent's.  We had a nice lunch, and my nephews and nieces all had a great time opening their presents.  I got an awesome glider for the baby's room.

20 Weeks and Counting

This morning Bobby & I had our last Christmas together as a kid-less couple.  Every year, he likes to torture me by wrapping my presents up in boxes within boxes within boxes.  This year wasn't any different, but he did a great job getting presents so I can forgive him for the torture :)  I even got a little payback this year.  His two big gifts were a shadowbox with one of his signed jerseys framed, and a ladder.  First, I had him open an eyepatch (to which he was very confused).  Then, he opened a pirate tin box with a treasure map inside, that led him upstairs to where the shadowbox was hidden.

Last, he opened a treasure "riddle" that eventually led him to my parent's house where the ladder was hidden.  I think I won the present opening torture competition this year :)

My parents came over to look at baby girl's room.  We've accomplished a lot since Sunday on it.  It is now painted a very girly shade of pink, the crib is assembled, and the glider is assembled.  Her closet is also getting more full by the day!

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