Sunday, December 30, 2012

0 New Sitting Room Office Part 1: Ikea Nightmare

We have a very large sitting area in our master bedroom that we currently use as an office space. It's totally disorganized, and baby girl coming seems like a great excuse to get the room organized. After all, once she starts crawling around we don't want her pulling all of the stuff stacked by the walls (because there's currently no storage area for them) into the middle of the floor.

Currently the sitting room has:
1 - Dog crates for our four legged babies
2 - Glass desk that functions as my craft center. This is where I make all of the wine glasses I sell, and I make several every week so all my supplies have to be easily accessible.  Unfortunately, the glass top means all my supplies are totally visible.
3 - Desk where our giant high quality printer sits, and a little room for a computer to pop open.
4 - Small TV stand that houses our "crappy" printer that's used only for scanning documents and printing shipping labels.
5 - A large plastic container sits on floor underneath window for storing all the wine glasses (I buy 30 at a time)

(The second photo was taken AFTER I'd cleared out the desks, so a lot of the junk sitting around is just there temporarily)

6 - Couch and coffee table. This is where my husband packages all of our online sales, weighs, applies labels. Usually he does this while I'm making glasses. All his shipping supplies are in wicker baskets under the coffee table, very inviting for a little girl to pull out and make a mess of.  We need to be able to put those baskets where she can't get to them.
7 - Bookcase with books we never read, since I have a nook now (not visible because of the angle)
8 - Stacks of items that either need to be listed on eBay or taken to antique store.

Whew, that's a lot of space and a lot if functions. Add in a few months this needs to make a play area for baby girl too.

So I researched Pinterest and came up with the perfect Ikea set-up of cheap bookcases that we would put together and add our own molding to, to make it look professional.
This Ikea hack from IHeartOrganizing was my inspiration.  All we needed was bigger bookcases on each side, and an L-shaped desk.

I drew out color-coded plans, printed a list of bin locations, checked box dimensions, and enlisted the help of mom and dad with their van since the boxes wouldn't fit in our car, and headed to Ikea.
My drawing, using inspiration from the above photo includes bigger bookcases from the Besta collection.

And things went downhill from there. The husband didn't like the cheap Besta bookcases so much because the peg holes for shelves are so visible, and we were only planning on having doors on the bottom of the bookcases to keep baby girl out.  The photo above from IHeartOrganizing uses Expedit without the peg holes, but because of the width of some of our printers, we couldn't use these square type shelves. BUT there was another bookcase set that was already beautiful (and significantly more expensive). The prettier Liatorp bookcases were also wider, which meant the printer could sit on the shelf. So we had to start from scratch from my plans, see if Ikea made a desk to fit the opening between the bookcases, etc, or if we would still be creating a desktop on our own.

After walking back and forth between Ikea departments and lots of discussion on whether we should spend the extra cash for something we really like, finally we decided on two Liatorp bookcases, a wall bridge to join the bookcases at the top, and a desk to go underneath the wall bridge between the bookcases.  We also got doors for the bookcases to keep baby girl from the items stored down low.  We no longer need an L shaped desk like my original plans, because there's not 2 feet of printer taking up space.

When it's all done, it'll look similar to this, except with a desk instead of the TV stand.  The bookcase on the right will also have doors that go all the way to the top.

So, off to the Ikea design guy we go for a list of supplies and bin locations. First snag, they have no stock of the wall bridge, and they won't have any stock until week 10 of 2013. There are 7 in stock in Charlotte, but they can't ship from Charlotte to our house, because we are in the Atlanta store. So the only choices at this point are start over, or be okay with waiting 10 weeks for the wall bridge, or drive nearly 4 hours to Charlotte. We decided by February surely I'd have an excuse to drive back to Atlanta to pick up the wall bridge. So onward we continued

Downstairs Ikea I was disappointed to see they no longer had the shorter size white wicker baskets that we used to hold programs at our wedding. I wanted more to go with the 2 we already had for baby girls closet. I settled for 2 taller ones and moved on.

So we get to the self service furniture portion of the store. We go to pull the Liatorp bookcases and... Bins are empty. But they show 3 in stock for that day and 8 the next day, 11 total. So we find Ikea warehouse worker #1, and he says if they're not in the bins someone must have bought them and computer hasn't updated.

So now I'm devastated. We've already been at Ikea over 2 hours and now options are down to pay $140 for delivery after we already used gas in my car and moms to drive to ATL, go somewhere else and start over, start over at Ikea. So I went to information desk and asked Ikea warehouse worker #2 if he could please check the back to see if they have more since we drove 1.5 hours to Ikea and coming back the next day wasn't an option. He did, and said no luck.

So, last stop is manager before we give up and leave empty handed. He gets on a walkie talkie, asks better questions than the first two guys, and gives us a better answer. Yes, they do have it in stock but its in the air high on the shelves. They do everything they can to fill bins before store opens in the mornings, but they sometimes miss things. Due to Ikeas strict safety rules, they can't pull things out of the air while customers are in building. We can either wait until closing time (another 7 hours) or come back tomorrow. I explained that we'd driven 1.5 hours each way to come to Ikea so coming back tomorrow wasn't an option and we had no plans to stick around Atlanta til that night. What I asked was could be discount shipping, since Ikea was part of the reason we were in this predicament.

I should add this is the point baby girl decides to start applying pressure to my bladder.

After some more walkie talkie chat, he agrees to split delivery fee with us. That chops it to $70. And at this point, it's our only real option. To come back the next day would cost $50 in gas, and we'd have n guarantee the bookshelves would be there. Starting over somewhere else would surely cost more. The look of the shelves we got would be at least a couple thousand anywhere else. So we'd went with it. We went ahead and purchased the desk, and bookcase doors and took them home with us. Now we just have to wait until Thursday for the bookshelves to arrive!

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