Wednesday, January 16, 2013

0 Home Office: DIY Ribbon Organization

While we were organizing our home office with our new bookcases, I cleaned out a storage bin where I had previously kept my ribbon.

I found that I had multiples of several types of ribbon, because they had gotten lost in the deep drawers.  Some were coming unraveled.  They were just NOT organized.

I searched on Pinterest / Google for the best way to organize ribbon and saw several cute solutions that you could purchase.
I didn't like the closed box option, because I'd have to take the top off everytime I want to see how low I'm getting on a certain type of ribbon.  It didn't seem practical.

This idea from solves the problem of seeing the ribbon,  but  I could see myself getting annoyed when having to replace a spool in the middle and having to take the wooden spindle all the way out and put all the ribbon back on.

I don't have a TON of ribbon, so I don't need a huge storage solution.  What I did have were several empty CD/DVD containers.  I don't know why we never threw them away.  I think my husband insisted we might need them for something.  Turns out, he was right.  They make PERFECT ribbon holders.

Use old CD/DVD spindles to make ribbon holders!
Now, what was a drawer full of ribbon that was hard to find is two stacks of perfectly organized ribbon.  I've already done some crafting that requires ribbon since I made these and it's so much faster to go to the bookcase, immediately open the door and see exactly where the ribbon I need is.

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