Thursday, January 3, 2013

0 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

We've had a couple of trial size boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in our laundry room for... well, forever.  My husband picked them up at a conference he was at, and I put them away because I thought we'd never use them (that they were really just for people with white countertops).

Yesterday, I finally decided to tackle the dirty fingerprints that are on the doors in our house from people not using door handles when they open and close doors.  The worst offenders were the pantry door, and a door to a room where my husband used to store newspapers.  The Magic Eraser worked WONDERS to clean the doors, which I'd tried to scrub before.  I had thought I would have to repaint them, but now I don't!

I was so inspired by that, that I decided to see what it would do on a wall that was really scuffed up from a baby gate that we used to use to keep the dogs from going upstairs.  In wall vs. baby gate, the baby gate obviously won and there were black marks all over the tan wall.  I'd put off getting out the touch-up paint to fix the wall, and thought I'd try the Magic Eraser  just to see.  Even if it discolored the wall, I was going to have to touch up the paint there anyway.

It removed all the scuff marks! I still have to do some touch up, where paint was peeled off the wall by the baby gate, but at least it's much less of an eye sore now.

NOTE: I did read online to be careful using the magic erasers on painted walls.  I can sort of see where the wall is lighter where I scrubbed.  There's a warning that it can take the paint off the wall.  Luckily, this is a light paint color.

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