Monday, January 7, 2013

1 New Home Office: Cord Organization

As I began to get everything together with our new desk & bookcases in our home office, I vowed I would be better about cord organization.

There are two areas specifically I'm talking about.  (1) Cords currently plugged in and (2) The plastic container boxes of cords that I have where I keep chargers, etc. that I "might need" one day.

Starting off with (1), the previous state was something like cords plugged into wall, cords plugged into power strip, and I had no idea what went to what.  So when I needed to steal an outlet temporarily, I would have to cross my fingers and hold my breath that whatever I was unplugging wasn't the cable modem, and claim a new spot.

Organizing this was easy, as I began to put everything back in the desk and on the bookshelves, I didn't plug anything in until I'd used my label maker to create a label.

Quick and easy labeling of cords makes it easy when something needs to be unplugged.

One important thing to note, is that I not only put a  label on the power cord, but also at the end of the USB cord if it had one.  I've got a 4-port USB on my desk for all my USB devices, and I would run into the same problem of not knowing what USB cable went to what.  Now I know!

Now on to tackling (2).  I went through all the plastic boxes of cords - 4 total - with the goal of reducing to at least 3 boxes by learning how to wrap cords and store.

Yep, I actually looked up the best ways to wrap cords.  This is the website that I found with how to videos, if anyone is interested.  Obviously, you can already see below the cords are going to be easier to reach in and pull out than they were previously.  I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to unravel the cords from each other.  Remember, I had FOUR boxes like the one above!

I tried to separate out the cords so all of the same type of cord were together.  I quickly found out I have about 5 MiniUSB cords, which were for our old Blackberrys, which we don't have anymore.  I can't bring myself to throw them all out though, just "in case" we need them.

To organize the cords together within the boxes, I put cords in plastic baggies with notecards on what the cord is for.  I've wasted plenty of time before looking through each box for a certain charger.  This should definitely help with that!

And then I put notecards on the front and top of the plastic boxes, so I know exactly which box to look in when I'm searching for a certain cord.  If I was REALLY organized they'd probably be grouped better together (all computer related cords together, all charging cords together, etc.) but I opted for what fit well together in a box because some items are in gallon size ziplocks and some are in sandwich bag size ziplocks.

I did it! Down to 3 boxes!

There you go, so much easier to find what I need.  Organization at no cost!

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  1. Hey! It looks very organize! You had a great job! Keeping our office clean and well organized makes we fell more relax and comfortable working each and everyday. Placing desk trays also can be a big help on organizing your working space.


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