Friday, January 18, 2013

2 New Home Office: Drawer Organization

It's amazing what $4 in organization gets you.

We didn't really make a New Years resolution to be more organized. It was more of a realization a month or so ago that we'd outgrown our home office. The drawers we did have were so full that finding anything was impossible. So, a trip to Ikea got us some much better storage solutions.

One of these was a new desk, to fit perfectly with our new bookcases. As I began to put things back in the desk drawer, I vowed to organize things a little better.

One problem is organization gear always seems so expensive. Like when I fell in love with these little drawers from the iheartorganizing. Then I saw the price tag from the container store. $24.99 EACH. Ouch.  They're so cute though :(

Amazingly cute organization from, just not in my price range

But my desk drawer is neatly organized for $4. How? The store that continues to amaze me, the Dollar Tree. $4 worth of these little blue containers and my desk drawer is totally sorted. Everything is easy to find (especially the spare car keys, which caused somewhat of an ordeal before when they couldn't be easily found)

And my husband told me when I bought the brother label maker on Black Friday for $9.99 (normally $39.99) that it would never get used! Shows how much he knows :)


  1. I think you did an incredible job on a budget, you should be SUPER proud! <3 And what a steel for the label maker! Wahoo!!!


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