Sunday, January 13, 2013

0 New Sitting Room Office Part 2: Almost there!

I am SO pleased with how our new home office area in our sitting room has turned out so far.

If you'll remember from my previous post, Part 1: Ikea Nightmare, we will have to wait until week 10 of 2013 until we can get all of the parts needed for this project to be complete, thanks to Ikea Atlanta currently being out of stock of the Liatorp Wall/Bridging Shelf and the fact that they won't ship from the other stores where it is currently IN stock.  (Deep sigh again at my frustration of this).

But anyway, if you'll remember my iPhone picture of what this area looked like before: Two desks hodge podged together to make an L-shape, dog cages, and an old TV stand turned printer cabinet.  Basically no storage for the eBay shipping supplies we have, printers, wine-glass making crafts, etc.

Even the fact that it looks unfinished (the side trim at the top was left off since we know we'll be putting the bridging shelf there), it looks 1000 times better than previously!

Now, we have two bookcases from Ikea, a desk in the middle, and plenty of storage to make sure everything is HIDDEN.

The black frames and shelf on the wall are going to go as soon as we get the bridging shelf in place (only 9 more weeks, yay?).  I plan on putting a row of thick white frames with black and white photos as soon as I have the bridging shelf in place.

As a reminder... below is what the bridging shelf looks like.

The shelf on the right is mostly dedicated to printing.  The top shelf holds the camera & accessories, as well as spare ink.  Inside the doors you can't see are all our binders with important documents, my box of things currently listed on eBay, and the newly organized printer cords.

The cabinet on the left holds all the wine glasses I use to make the "Roll Tide", UGA, etc. wine glasses that I sell on eBay.
22 Weeks Pregnant!

Remember the DIY paper/magazine holders from recycled boxes?  They look great sitting on our shelves, and are so convenient right next to the printer to pull out the appropriate paper we need.!

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