Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1 Non maternity Maternity Clothes: Work Outfit 1

I hate maternity clothes. They're either ugly, expensive, or both. I scoured blogs searching for cute maternity clothes, and would get excited every time I found a blogging mama-to-be raving over her favorite maternity line.

Without fail, I would follow the links and find outfits on average $100 each (and sometimes just that amount for a shirt).

What world do you ladies live in?!

I'll concede, PinkBlushMaternity has some affordable prices but I got frustrated at their site too because everything less than $30 and cute was only available in XL. Grr.

I'm now 5 months pregnant, so I'm at the point where old jeans and pants don't fit and a lot of my shirts look awkwardly short. But I'm nowhere near as big as I'm going to be. What an awkward stage.

For the most part I just wear dresses, because they stretch easily. But especially with winter some days I just want to wear pants.

So here was today's work outfit. None of it is from the maternity section.

This has quickly become one of my favorite work outfits. It may not stretch enough to get me to month 9 but for now it works just fine!

I actually found this dress on clearance at Steinmart last spring for $7. I wore it prepregnancy, and the cut of it had allowed me to continue wearing it with my growing belly.

The black shirt I'm wearing underneath is a nonmaternity shirt from Target. Since no one can see the bottom of it, it doesn't matter if its long enough to cover my belly or not

The tights are also regular ole sweater tights by Vera Wang from Kohls.

Funny what a difference a side profile makes in how pregnant I look - 23 weeks here!

Dress - Spense Petite from Steinmart - $7
Shirt - Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee from Target - $12
Tights - Sweater Tights - $12

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