Wednesday, January 9, 2013

0 Nursery Baby Bedding... Decisions, decisions

We painted baby girl's room a beautiful shade of pink basically the minute we found out "it's a girl".  We literally went to Lowe's the same night as a our ultrasound and got our paint.

But the next decision I had to make took a little longer. I needed to pick out bedding so I could know what color scheme would be appropriate to begin decorating the walls.

My original love was a pink and gray color scheme, but all the pink and gray baby bedding turned out to be waaaay too expensive.

This Ragamuffin Crib Bedding from is so cute, BUT it's $458 and we have a darker wood crib, not a white so I'm skeptical of how the pink and gray I love would actually go.

So I went through every picture of crib bedding I could find and picked out my favorites from Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon and sent to my mom and BFF for input. My list was a "short" 28 favorites. With their input plus some weeding of my own, I got it down to 12 or so. But nothing was really I LOVE THAT. It was more like "I'd be ok with that one".
The Dr. Seuus Oh the Places You'll Go Crib Bedding from Target made our short list, but it seemed like too much pink in an already pink room.

And then I discovered Pottery Barn Kids existed. You'll have to excuse my ignorance. This IS my first child, so I had no reason to know PB had a kids line previously. When I saw the bedding, I fell in love immediately. I just love how the blue breaks up the pink, pink, pink of the room. All the the other bedding I'd looked at was pink and green, which reminded me of my middle school science fair poster that I used pink and green construction paper on.

The crib bedding set I fell in love with, Savannah Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
So I made up my mind and immediately ordered the little throw pillow so I would have a sample of the fabric to match things up with. I ordered on December 28th, it was back ordered until the 30th.  Not a big deal, with the holidays I'd hardly even notice the time.

Warning: This may be where I begin to slip into rant mode.  Apologies ahead of time.

Fast forward to January 4th.  I call Pottery Barn Kids because my order status still shows as "shipping soon" even though it was only back ordered until December 30th.  The customer service representative was very helpful and said they had just gotten 40 into the warehouse, and there were only 9 on order so I would definitely be getting my pillow soon.  I could expect delivery on January 7th.  I clarified, "Shipment or Delivery?" and she reiterated delivery.

Fast forward again to January 8th.  As I had suspected, no delivery was made on January 7th.  I call again to Pottery Barn to check and I am now told my item is back ordered until January 17th.  I asked the customer service representative if my item would be shipping on the 17th, or if it would be pushed back again.  She said it depended on how many orders were ahead of mine.  I asked if she could tell that, and she said (shocker) no.

Obviously, we're not due until May so it's not like an emergency to get this pillow.  I'm not buying it as a gift for someone and hoping that it makes it here in time for their shower.  But, in my company I interact with customers everyday and it's Pottery Barn's crappy customer service that has me frustrated.

Here are some of the points they failed on:

  1. Their online order tracking is WAY outdated.  My order status still says "Shipping Soon" and back ordered to December 30th on the online order tracking.
  2. Their automated phone order tracking system told me on January 8th that my item would be shipping on January 1, 2013 (Do you have a time machine?)
  3. Their customer service reps aren't helpful.  The first one I talked to I thought was being helpful, but she guaranteed a delivery that there's no way they could have made, and didn't have the resources to be able to tell me the correct information.  The second customer service representative had an attitude and again didn't have the resources she needed to give me correct information.
  4. Their online system changes the backordered date daily.  Out of curiosity, I kept checking back on this item as if I was a new customer to see what backorder date they are giving customers.  On January 3rd it was back ordered until January 4th, on January 4th it was backordered until January 5th, on January 6th it was backordered until February 1st, on January 8th it was backordered until January 17th.  Who knows where those dates are coming from, and how accurate any of them are.

Maybe my customer service expectations are too high.  Between my recent experience at Ikea and this experience with Pottery Barn, I appreciate companies like even more.  Last year as a part of training for work I read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of  I highly recommend it to anyone in the customer service industry - or even anyone who is a customer who wants to know what they should be expecting!  It's an easy read, but some of Zappos's policies concerning customer service and company culture are really unique and interesting.

I will let everyone know on January 17th if Pottery Barn delivered happiness to me or not.  Currently, my gut and bet is going to go with "no".  I'm waiting to more decorating in the nursery until I have the pillow so I can see the exact shade of blue.  If January 17th comes and goes, I may go ahead with decorating in spite of not having the pillow.  If I could find anything similar to the above blue floral crib quilt, I would probably go ahead and cancel my order with PB out of principle.  I searched Etsy and all the baby bedding sites I could find, but didn't find anything similar.  :(

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