Saturday, January 26, 2013

1 Tenant Nightmare

I’ve heard of a lot of women who during pregnancy cry at anything and everything.  So far (25 weeks in!) I haven’t really had this urge, thankfully.  But this past week I had my first encounter with just wanting to break down,
although I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy related or any-human-in-this-situation would feel the same.

We have a rental home (Bobby's first home) that we were recently notified our tenants were moving out of.  It’s a beautiful 4 bedroom home, with a pool.  This past week was our first chance to get in to see what needed to be done in order to turn it back around to be move-in-ready.  This was when near-breakdown occurred!  The house, which 3 years ago was in great condition, was absolutely filthy.  I know you always hear stories of how bad renters leave houses and apartments, but this was worse.  The carpet absolutely has to be replaced.  But on top of that, every inch of the house has to be clean.  The first night I went over after work, I wandered from room to room looking at everything that needed to be done, and just started to feel overwhelmed.  

I should probably be feeling thankful, because everything that is wrong is fixable.  It’s not like there are huge holes in the sheetrock that need re-sheetrocking.  The house has to be cleaned thoroughly, carpets replaced, blinds replaced, and repainted in some places.  But when you walk through 2,000 sq feet where every inch has to be cleaned, it gets a little overwhelming – not only from the aspect of all the work that has to be done, but from the thought process of how could people live like this and think it’s okay to leave a house like this?  They didn’t even run a vacuum through when they moved out, so there’s chunks of dirt, trash all lying in the floor.  I'm pretty sure they didn't run a vacuum for 3 years.  

The other part that made me want to breakdown is realizing how little I could actually help my husband do the work.  Not only does being pregnant mean I have 0 energy by the end of a full workday, but I can’t get up and
down to clean baseboards without having back pain, can’t use a lot of the stronger cleaners that need to be used, can’t paint without constantly going for fresh air.  I just wish I could do more, help more, but my body and back just hurt.

The night I had my near breakdown, I came home and listed the house for rent on Trulia and Craigslist.  That was just a couple nights ago, and we've already got 8-10 people who are interested.  That was definitely what I needed for an uplifting.  Now I know that when we get in there this weekend and put in a lot of elbow grease to scrub everything until it Mr-Clean-Shines, our efforts won't be for nothing!  And we have Home Depot coming on Tuesday to measure for the new carpets.  

I couldn't bring myself to post any pictures of what needs to be cleaned.  So here's a pretty picture of the outside :)

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