Thursday, February 28, 2013

0 30 Weeks and counting!

Today marks 30 weeks pregnant.  Entering the 30's in weeks really makes me feel like we're in the homestretch - moreso than when the third trimester started a couple of weeks ago.

30 Weeks
So far I haven't kept track of how I'm feeling during pregnancy, because it's been relatively smooth sailing so far.  I threw up once during the first trimester, and I still don't know whether to blame that on some
bad Chinese food or pregnancy.  I was nauseous a lot and limited on what I felt like eating, but that's definitely much better than running constantly to the bathroom like some.  I thought I'd capture some of what I'm
feeling today though, so I can look back one day and remember!

A couple weeks ago is when pregnancy started becoming miserable for me. Since then, I've had a really hard time with acid reflux.  It seems if I eat anything after 5-6pm at night, I have to sleep sitting almost all the way up or deal with horrible acid reflux.  Yesterday, for example, I ate breakfast and what seemed like a big lunch.  I had several errands to run after work to get ready for my sister-in-law's baby shower on Saturday and so I didn't get home until 6:30.  I made dinner for my husband, but by the time it was ready (closer to 7:30) I knew better than to attempt eating.  Around 9:30 or so I was starving, and figured a simple cereal bar from the pantry couldn't hurt me too bad.  One, it's not a lot of food.  Two, my stomach couldn't be full since it'd been so long since lunchtime.  Boy, was I wrong!  I had horrible acid reflux all night.  It took a long time to fall asleep.  When I woke up at 3am, I still wasn't able to lie flat.  When I woke up this morning for the day, I was still burping.

My doctor said that Zantac is perfectly safe to take, but I'm still weary about putting any medications into my body.  I think I might pick up a package of Zantac though, just for nights like last night where it's really
miserable and only take it as an absolute last resort.  Usually drinking a little milk before bed helps calm things down, but last night that only helped a tiny bit.

After nights like last night, 10 more weeks / 70 more days seems like an eternity.  My husband asked me last night if this was going to get any better, but my assumption is because I'm only going to get bigger, the baby
is only going to get bigger, there's only going to be more pressure on my stomach, the answer is NO.

Other than the fact that I need peaceful sleep to be able to function during the day, it is somewhat of a blessing that my problems are all occurring at night.  It makes being pregnant and working all day everyday much easier not having daytime problems.  At least when I'm feeling sick, it's in the comfort of home.

30 Weeks

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