Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1 Baby Shower!

Not only was this past weekend my birthday weekend, but it was also my family baby shower.

26 weeks pregnant, ready to head to the shower!
My cousins and aunts decorated my aunt's house for the shower.  They did an awesome job.  They even colored in the "SHE" part of Hershey's candy bars with pink sharpie.  Every little pink detail was absolutely perfect!
Mom made the diaper cake, proud of her creativity!

My favorite petit fours from Publix!

My cousin Amelia decorated these, so creative!

Swaddled utensils, so cute!!!

There were so many gifts given to us by my aunts and cousins.  We received way more than I expected!  It filled the table they had set up, and then some!  I love that baby girl is already so adored by all of my family.
My aunts, mom, and cousins that were responsible for decorating putting the shower on - minus one.  Somehow my aunt that hosted the shower at her house managed to not get in the photo!

Wonder if baby girl will be a computer geek like her Mommy

Two days in a row with this princess, I must be lucky!

I just love this photo because of Britton's little tongue sticking out.  She was such a good girl the whole time I opened presents

Baby girl will definitely be ready for the pool!

Love you mom!
My car was FULL of presents!  Since they were all put back in boxes & bags, I let Bobby re-open them all when I got home, so he could get the full shower experience also.  I think he was pretty overwhelmed.  He kept saying, "There's MORE?!"  Our baby girl is loved!

Isn't the Let Her Sleep sign adorable?  Randi made it

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  1. Baby showers are adorably perfect. I liked the way Hershey’s have ‘she’ in pink. It is actually an amazing idea. I would love to do it for my sister’s baby shower. She is going to have a baby boy which means I can color ‘He’ with blue. Awesome! Also. I have booked one of the finest LA event venues already.


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