Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Happy Birthday to me!

Friday was... the big 27!

Happy Birthday to me!
But, of course, like any princess I started celebrating way before Friday!  I'd already gotten two early presents earlier in the week! Well, they weren't really presents but more pleasant surprises.

Remember when I was complaining about our Ikea nightmare? Well, I noticed over this past weekend that Ikea had gotten more of the bridging shelf we were waiting on in stock! This was exciting news, because they originally told us it'd be late February before they had any. Over the weekend I couldn't drive to Atlanta to get one because of the work we've been doing on the rental house. So I was pretty disappointed when I checked the stock on Monday and found it'd fallen from a quantity of 4 to a quantity of 1!

I made some calls to Ikea, being weary from our last experience where items that were supposed to be in stock were actually still on the high shelves where they couldn't get them down during opening hours. After some pleading, they agreed to pull the shelf for me and hold at the information desk so I could make the 1.5 drive knowing I was going to get the shelf. Score!

So I recruited Mom to ride with me the 70 miles to Atlanta during evening rush hour on a Monday and we picked up the shelf. To pass time while we were waiting on rush hour to die, we went to the Target next to Ikea. I became even luckier - the Target there had lots of cute maternity clothes on clearance. The a target where we live has NONE. So I got two dresses for $8.98 each and a blue pencil skirt for $12.98. That should help get me through my next 3 months of needing work clothes to fit my expanding belly.

Upon arriving back home that night, there was even more good news - the Pottery Barn Kids pillow sham I've been waiting for since Dec 28 (and watched the backorder date get pushed from Dec 30 to Jan 4 to Jan 18 to Jan 24) arrived in the mail!  I love the little bits of blue that are starting to be sprinkled through Taylor Grace's room!

On my actual birth day, the first thing I did when I woke up was grab the mysterious package I'd gotten in the mail the day before from my friend Caroline, marked "Do not open until 2/1"

Inside was an adorable Georgia towel marking all the great things about the Peach State.  Love it!  I might put it in a white frame though.  It's too cute to get dirty.

Then I had a birthday lunch with my fairy princess goddaugther and her mom!

Friday night was the ribbon cutting ceremony of Herschel Walker's new restaurant.  My husband is the biggest Georgia fan, so of course we had to be in attendance for the ribbon cutting & event with Herschel.  My birthday weekend was as good for my husband as it was for me! :)  He was like a kid in a candy store.

Just hanging out with Herschel Walker!
This is one of the items on the menu at Herschel's new restaurant.  It's the "Oh You Herschel Walker" Grilled Cheese - Three slices of melted chedder and swiss cheese, six slices of pepper bacon, crispy peppers, mushrooms, and onion straws with BBQ sauce on challah bread.  And I thought I was fancy when I just add bacon and tomatoes to my grilled cheeses!

And of course when we got home, my husband had a birthday gift to surprise me with!  He gave me a beautiful necklace that was wrapped and hidden for me to find.  Love him so much!

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