Thursday, February 14, 2013

0 Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! What a strange day of the year. It seems 1/3 of adults look at this day with utter hatred, 1/3 with great expectations and anticipation, and 1/3 with indifference. Did I cover everyone? I believe I'm in the last group. I love my husband every day of the year, so Valentine's Day isn't too different than all the other days.   :)

But he's so good to me every holiday I can't pass up the chance to give him SOMETHING. This year it's a bouquet of UGA candy bars. He's such a huge Georgia bulldogs fan, there's no way I could have seen this and not gotten it for him. I would have made one myself, but I've never seen how bout them dawgs candy bars before. I also gave him a new polo - the best part is it has a hot pink horse logo on it and I found baby girl a dress that perfectly matches that shade of pink. Now father and daughter can match this summer. Is there anything more adorable?! I can't wait to take their photo together.

Cannot wait to take a picture of my two favorites wearing these 

Also, I found this printable for a Valentines Day card. Yoda is too cute!

Print from
We've put off celebrating Valentine's Day until the weekend, since I can't really eat much for dinner in the evenings after work without staying up all night with acid reflux.  The joys of pregnancy!  I didn't expect anything for Valentine's Day, because my husband gave me a necklace I've been wanting a couple weeks ago as a combined birthday/Vday gift BUT of course he still got me something and did give me two adorable baby frames for my desk at work.  Can't wait to fill them with photos of chubby cheeks!

I thought I'd share the BEST Valentine's present I ever received.  3 years ago my combined birthday/Valentine's day gift was Hines a/k/a the adorable puppy shown below.  The quirky little faces he makes still make me smile everyday.

In other pregnancy news, I feel absolutely horrible today. Today marks 28 weeks, and the 12 weeks ahead look to be so, so, so long. I had a horrible time sleeping last night. No matter what I did, no position was comfortable. That means this morning I am dragging. No caffeine to help get up and going for work. Not to mention I keep going from hot to cold chills (and taking my jacket on and off accordingly). I had so hoped I'd make it another month before the awfulness of the third trimester settled in. No luck!  When I got home from work today I crashed immediately for a good 2 hour nap.  That's why my Valentine's Day post isn't getting in until almost 9PM!

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