Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Nursery: Itty Bitty Baby Shoes!

Baby girl already has 5 pairs of shoes... 3 months before she's born.  I guess everybody loves buying itty bitty baby shoes!  They're all absolutely adorable.  I don't know why everything suddenly becomes so much cuter when it's miniature.

But... I needed a storage solution for all the baby shoes.  Last weekend, I bought a cube shelf organizer for her closet that I found on clearance at Michael's, but I know if I throw all the shoes in one of the fabric drawers (A) They wouldn't be in sight (and something as adorable as itty bitty shoes should be on display) and (B) I know me, and only the shoes on top of the fabric drawer pile would ever get used.

So, inspired a picture of a Clip It Up I saw being used for baby shoes, and not wanting to spend the astronomical amount of money (on "sale" for $55, really?!) they charge for a Clip It Up , I made one of the cubes in my cube shelf organizer a little bit more useful.

I'm not sure you can get an easier project than this.  There were several ways I could have gone about it, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't permanent, so that they cube could later be used for things other than baby shoes.

Basically, I took a wooden dowel, painted it white, and used two screw eyes to hang it from the top of one of the cubes.  Then I used curtain clips to hang some of the shoes.  Voila, baby shoes on display.

This allows the entire 11" height of the cube to be used.  The shelf can have shoes on it, while other shoes hang above.  Now they all actually fit into one cube, with room for a few more!


  1. It's cute! It's a different way of organizing the shoes. I have never thought about that, i use the usual shoe rack, i think this one is really creative and can store a lot of baby shoes. Great idea!


  2. Never thought about that kind of shoe rack for my baby. Yes, it's the usual ones i buy for us. This is timely because i've been wanting to buy a shoe rack for the little one and we still have some extra space in the closet. His shoes will be perfect in those shoe racks. Thanks for the idea!


  3. A good friend of mine has just had her first baby and she would love these for her little girl. kids shoes online

  4. Since every pair of shoe has its own place, there are no cluttered or overstuffing closet problems here. Wooden Shoe Rack


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