Tuesday, February 12, 2013

0 Weekend in Review

"Pain" may be the theme word for this past weekend (doesn't sound good already, does it?)

Since last weekend was my birthday weekend, we didn't spend as much time at our rental house cleaning, painting, and getting ready for new tenants.  It was back to work this past weekend though.

Before getting to the rental Saturday morning, I went to a few yard sales.  There's some irony in this because my parents used to make me go to yard sales & flea markets with them when I was little and I hated going.  Loathed it.  Vowed I would never waste a weekend morning doing the same when I was older.

Flash forward 20 years and look where I end up!  It all started about a year ago when Bobby realized he could find more sports memorabilia for his man cave at yard sales.  Then slowly he found some things I found useful (like a cheap paper shredder) so I started tagging along.  Then once you start getting some really good deals - like the pair of matching bikes we got last year, it's sort of addictive.  You want to see what you can buy for $1 instead of $50 this weekend.

Unfortunately, the yard sales this weekend were awful.  Absolutely nothing of interest.  I'm ready for spring to get here.  Hopefully the warm weather will make people get motivated to clean out what they don't need.  Luckily, since we live in Georgia we're probably only 3 weeks away from it feeling like spring.  Thank goodness we're not in places snowed under by the great blizzard this weekend.

But, since this weekend's yard sales were so awful, I'll share a photo of what I got last weekend for $6.  Not bad, eh?

My favorite is the teeny tiny bathing suit (new with tags). 
After the yard sales, I picked up my 15-year old nephew and met Bobby at the rental to begin working.  Although it makes me feel old, it's nice to have a nephew old enough to pay for labor!  Especially when you're pregnant and can't do too much to help.

All I did Saturday at the rental was clean two window, then hang blinds in those windows, then clean two more windows, clean the blinds on those windows (which had a lot of dirt on them, and took a pretty long time to do), then clean the back door.  It doesn't sound like much, and it only took about 4 hours.  We took a break to get an early dinner at Zaxby's, and when getting out of the car at Zaxby's I realized I could barely walk.  Every step I took shot pain into my lower left back.  Oops.

We had a list of things to buy at the hardware store after dinner, and by the time we were done eating my back was in even more pain.  I didn't DO much at all - read the list above again!  We had a long list of things to get because we've been waiting until we had $250 worth of things to buy so that we could use our $25 off $250 Lowe's coupon.   Since we had such a long list and it was going to take such a long time, Bobby made me use one of those electronic wheelchairs to putter around the store.  I kept emphasizing that I could walk and didn't need it, but he insisted that walking around the store for an hour would put my back in more pain. So I lost that argument.

After coming home and laying down for a few hours, my back felt okay again.  Apparently I need to take more "pregnant girl" breaks when working at the rental though.  We've "only" got 13 weeks left, but it feels like an eternity!

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