Monday, March 25, 2013

3 Exhaustion

Well, I've been a little MIA for the past week.  I believe my last blog entry was promising more to come on the second half of LAST weekend (as in over a week ago).

It turns out, all of our busy running around from that weekend started to hit me last week.  When I got to Friday, I was exhausted and feeling like I was beginning to catch the yuckiness that has been going around (cough, mucus, etc.).  When I got home from work on Friday I just rested.  As I was crawling into bed, I was thinking of how I hadn't blogged and was trying to recall exactly what I'd been doing after work each day of the week.  I couldn't remember! (Uh, yeah - I guess this is what they call pregnancy brain).  My week was a like a quick blur of an Infant CPR class, working on a thrift store chair, seeing visiting friends, and apparently not nearly enough rest.

So Friday night I decided my weekend would be dedicated to resting and recharging.  Now, the thing about doing this while pregnant is that I can only lie down for so long before acid reflux starts annoying me, and then once I sit up I can only sit up for so long before the pressure on my liver/lungs starts to hurt.  So my weekend of resting was more of a rest-until-its-painful then get up, move around and knock out enough little projects until I can lie back down.

So during my too-uncomfortable-to-be-lazy periods, I worked on decorating the area around our new breakfast room table that we got at one of our local antique stores.  The old artwork on the wall clashed with the pattern in the chair so I decided to hang white plates on the wall to brighten the entire area up.  Brightening is definitely something it needed as you can tell the wall is kind of a dark color, and it's not getting repainted anytime soon thanks to the difficult 14-foot ceilings.  I had convinced my husband we could repaint it, but the same day he said yes my own mother quickly told him how difficult it would be and that the 14-foot arched ceilings require scaffolding.  So now this room is never, ever getting painted.  :(

Here are the before shots, of our old table with it's dinky chairs and ugly white towel impression from a friend thinking it was a good idea to iron a shirt on top of a towel on the table.

The awful towel mark

And here is how the room looks now.

It's much brighter and makes me smile every time I walk through.  My only challenge now is to figure out the best way to clumsy-proof and child-proof the chairs.  I haven't decided if I'll just Scotchgard the fabric or order some sort of cover that goes over the bottom of the chair to protect it when eating.


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