Monday, March 11, 2013

0 Nursery: Butterfly Chandelier

There's one corner of baby girl's room where there isn't really anything going on.  I didn't want to hang anything on the wall in this area, because the two walls next to it already have plenty of items hanging.

Last week, my mom e-mailed me a picture of a nursery where she wanted me to see some of the artwork on the wall.  What caught my eye though was an adorable butterfly chandelier hanging near the crib.  I immediately thought this would be perfect in the corner of baby girl's room!

There's a few different tutorials on the Internet of how to do this, and I kind of meshed them together to create my own.  Here's a run down of what I did:

Fishing wire (I used wire from the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby)
Metal Ring
Paper for butterflies
Glass beads
Glue Dots

First, I used my Cricut to cut butterflies out of shimmery scrapbook paper.

I figured out how many strands of butterflies I wanted.  I tied 8 strands to the metal ring, long enough to hold 3 butterflies each.  I then created a cross with the fishing wire so that I could hang more strands on the interior of the ring.  I hung 4 strands long enough for 4 butterflies each mid-way on each wire.  I then hung a center strand long enough for 5 butterflies each in the very middle.

Spacing the butterflies a about 3-4 inches apart, I applied a glue dot to the body of one butterfly and then sandwiched the fishing wire through the glue dot between it and another butterfly.

I added a glass bead to the end of each strand.

To cover up the metal ring, I tied short pieces of ribbon and tulle all the way around the metal ring.  This was the most time consuming part, because it took a LOT of little ribbons to go all the way around.

I tied 4 pieces of white shimmery tulle to the metal band, so that I could hang from the ceiling.

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