Friday, March 1, 2013

0 Weekend ahead

WOW, it's March!!  Baby girl's due date is getting closer.  After March comes April, and after that it'll be the big birth month!!

This should be a busy weekend for us.  Tomorrow we have a baby shower for my sister-in-law that I'm helping my mom with.  I'm excited to share all of the cute things we've put together for her!  Hopefully she likes everything
that we've done.  My mom started decorating her house Tuesday night, which should help from having a million things to do on Saturday morning.  She likes to stay ahead of the game.

I need to get the bridging shelf from Ikea put together and mounted this weekend, so we can finish our office area.  It still looks like this.

I also saw butterfly chandeliers on Pinterest this week, and realized they'd be perfect for baby girl's room, since I already have two butterfly mirrors on the wall.  I'm hoping I get time this weekend to start working on this.

Going to try to make something similar this weekend {source}

Sunday they have tours of the baby center at the hospital where baby girl will be born, and I'd like to go ahead and take the tour because if we procrastinate something will likely end up coming up the other 3 times they have tours before she's born.

I've been riding around with shelves in my car for a week now  that my mom gave us.  I need to get these out of my car and hung in our guestroom closet and linen closet.

First goal is just to get shelving in our linen closet (4 years later).  Then organize.  i can only hope it ends up as functional as The above picture. {source}

Does that sound like an ambitious enough weekend? We will see when Monday rolls around how successful we were at getting everything done. What is everyone else up to this weekend?

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