Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1 Weekend in Review: Sunshine & Furniture

Going into this past weekend we had no real plans, but we ended up with quite a full and busy weekend!  It was gorgeous and warm here in Georgia, so it wasn't too hard to get up and get going on Saturday morning.  We
decided our Saturday would be best spent restocking our booth of sports memorabilia in an antique store that's about 40 minutes away.  It'd been a couple months since we'd been there and we wanted to make sure it was fully stocked before we get too close to baby girl's arrival (51 more days!).

So while Bobby got some items together and ready to put on display in the booth, I had some playtime with the dogs outside to enjoy the warm weather and capture some of how adorable Hines is in his new outfit.

And of course, I had to get a 32 weeks pregnant picture.  This bump is growing fast now!

32 weeks pregnant

Then off to Greensboro, Georgia we headed with a stop at my absolute favorite BBQ restaurant - Hot Thomas's BBQ.  If you ever find yourself in this rural area of Highway 15 in Georgia you have to stop.  It's been my
favorite since I was a kid.

After we were full, we continued on to Greensboro where we first went to the ritzier area of the lake to check out the Good Will and Habitat for Humanity ReStore. There is a ridiculous amount of money in this little lake area, and I'd heard the Good Will there had some great items.  Unfortunately, when we went it was all clothing and very little on the home decorating side of things.  The ReStore had some great items, but nothing we were looking for.

We continued on to Greensboro Antique Mall, and as soon as I walked in the door, I saw IT!  By it, I mean this dining table.

We've been looking for a new dining table for our breakfast area for quite a long time.  About 4 years ago, a friend who was getting ready for another friend's wedding decided to iron his shirt on top of a towel on our current dining table, forever leaving a white towel impression on the black table.  Also, although I always intended to buy nice chairs to go with the table, after it was ruined I never made the effort.

Beautiful towel impression on our current table
I told my husband how much I loved everything about it - the fabric, the two tone color, the size!  We looked over it a little bit, but then set to work.  Every new season I take photos of all the booths at the antique mall to post on their FB page, so I sat to work on this while my husband works on reorganizing and adding items to his booth.  During the process of taking photos I wondered back to the table a half a dozen items.  I really liked it, but wasn't sure about the price tag.

So we spent awhile sitting at the table, and debating whether or not it was right for us.

Testing out the chair for stability

Somebody may have been a little delirious after all the hard decision making
Finally, my husband made an offer on the table - $279 less than what the asking price was on the tag.  Eeek, my hopes weren't very high, but he ended up negotiating up $50, so we got the table for $239 less than the asking price.  SCORE!

More updates on the rest of our busy weekend to come . . .

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