Monday, April 15, 2013

0 36.5 Weeks Pregnant

Here we are at 36.5 weeks pregnant! We've now entered that stage where we feel like we could go at any time, even though we know realistically we have the full 3 weeks (or more) to go!

The past couple of weeks I've seen some much needed relief from heartburn and acid reflux as baby girl has moved down lower in my abdomen. At last Monday's doctor visit I was 1cm dilated, 70% effaced, and her head position was -1. I asked the doctor what all of this meant and he said absolutely nothing. There was no sign I'd go into immediate labor, although its possible she could come early. I'm not sure whether its better to know all of those stats, or if I'd rather be blissfully ignorant because I've spent the last week doing google searches hoping there's a magical oracle somewhere that will tell me the exact due date based on those numbers.

Since we've entered the final weeks we are in the go to the doctor every week stage now. So our most recent appointment was this morning. Everything was great other than I was shocked to see I'd lost 6lbs since last weeks appointment. Last week might iron was slightly low so I spent the last 7 days focusing on eating red meat and greens. This meant when I was in a hurry I'd go through the drive through of Wendy's and McDonalds and order not one but two cheeseburgers. The doctor said the weight loss was okay as long as I haven't been having trouble eating, so I guess there's nothing to worry about there (I say that as if I haven't been stressing over it all day).

Not much else has been new as we're just in a holding pattern waiting on baby girls arrival! No projects have been worked on lately because we had a yard sale with my parents this past weekend so we spent last week pulling out things from our storage area to sell.

I do have two (maybe 3) weeks of blog reading to go catch up on though. I've been avoiding all blogs and Pinterest lately because I haven't wanted to be distracted by a great idea that I felt like I just HAD to implement. Now that the yard sale is over and hospital bag is packed, I think it's safe to go take a peak.

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