Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 A New Entryway

Have you ever had one simple little upgrade lead to another, which lead to another, which lead to another?

This happened to us when we decided to put a new shoe cabinet at our entryway.  A few weeks ago, my husband told me he wanted a better way to store his shoes because he takes them off by the front door and they had started to pile up.  I knew exactly the solution because I had seen this shoe cabinet on iheartorganizing.  The only unfortunate part was that Ikea is 1.5 hours away and they were going to charge $145 to ship the $129 cabinet.  Uh, no thanks.

But during our big furniture buying weekend, we ended up in Atlanta on Sunday to meet with Bobby's mom and decided that since we were in Atlanta we would go ahead and buy the shoe cabinet.

When we got it home we put it together immediately after setting up our new breakfast room table.  It not only looked great, but it functioned great.  It held all of my husband's shoes that were previously stored by the front door and had more than enough room for me to put my sneakers in it also.

I thought it would be great to have a bench on the opposite wall so that he could sit down to take off his shoes.  The great part is I already had a bench in one of our guestrooms that I bought at an antique store a couple years ago that really no longer fit well in the guestroom because we recently put a bigger bed in there.  I grabbed it and put it in the space.

Problem!  It clashed with the rug that was there.  My husband had an easy solution - move the rug to in front of our couch, where we've been wanting to put a rug anyway, and buy a new one for the entry.  Sure, I can agree to that!

Of course, we also now need something to go over the bench.  Previously there was a tiny little mirror on this wall, but its new home was above the shoe cabinet.  I decided a big mirror would be best to go over the bench.  So we decided to keep an eye out for a mirror.

We went to several stores looking for rugs, and settled on one from Home Depot.  We got it home, and it was plain enough to not clash with the bench, but neither of us really loved it.

Sorry for the iPhone photo and photo bombing dog!  At the time I didn't know the rug would be history the next day.

The next day we happened to be at Tuesday Morning, a store we somehow completely forgot to look in when we were searching for rugs the day before, and saw the perfect rug!  Not only that, but they had huge mirrors for $39.99.  So we grabbed both.

We got the rug home and loved the way it looked at the front door.  But, oops, it clashes with the bench again.  We decided that it would be easiest just to recover the bench.

And now from the decision just to add a shoe cabinet to store our shoes, we ended up with a completely new entryway that looks great!  It's just funny how one new piece of furniture led to a new rug, new mirror, and new fabric for a bench.  It's like decorating dominoes!

Of course the day I choose to take photos is the day my husband is out of town, and most of his shoes with him.  Oops!

  • Clock, small mirror, plant, picture frame - All items that were in different places around the house that found a new home here
  • Mirror - Tuesday Morning
  • Rug - Tuesday Morning
  • Shoe Cabinet - Ikea
  • Bench - Local Antique Store
  • New Fabric for Bench - 


  1. Wow, Kimberly! It looks great! You're so right - buying one piece of furniture can be a slippery slope.

    Well done!

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