Monday, May 6, 2013

1 I loved you before you were born

Like I've said before, I read a LOT of blogs from first time moms and what to expect with your first baby. So far not too much has been surprising or shocking with our new little addition. But there has been one thing that has been strange to me, and I'm not even sure I can adequately describe it.

When I look at her sweet little face, it's like she's someone I've always known. It's not even been a week since we met, but its like she's always been there. I'm not sure how else to describe it. I don't really see my face when I look at her. Sometimes she makes little expressions that remind me of my husband. She's really a good mix of the both of us, but its not the reminders of us that feel so familiar when I look at her sweet little face. It's really like I'm looking at someone who I've known all my life.

Anybody else feel the same with their newborn? I'm curious because I've seen a lot of feelings and emotions discussed, but this hasn't been one of them.

In other news, our house has decided to fall apart now that the little one is home. Since we came home from the hospital:
- The rod in my closet fell, dumping all my clothes on the floor
- The undercount sink in our kitchen started sagging, requiring regluing. It also moved enough that it caused the drain to leak
- The day we came home the fire alarms went on the fritz and started going off every 2 hours because they're all wired together. It took us all day to figure out which one was the bad one.

For a house that's had very few problems in 4 years, that's a lot for 1 week!  It's just strange that it would be this week of all weeks. 

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  1. She is SO beautiful! I remember that feeling with my first. I remember telling my husband that our baby just looked like family to me, like he'd been in my family forever. Isn't it a crazy, amazing thing?

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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