Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Must have apps for new moms

My wonderful hubby bought an ipad for me just before our baby girl was born. Let me say its been a lifesaver as far as providing a little bit of a distraction during the 3-4 hours a day I spend as a milk dispensing machine. I thought I'd share a few of the apps I've found most useful. 

Before Birth 
Full Term - I downloaded the app Full Term to my phone a week or so before giving birth. I was very glad I had this app when labor started! Since I woke up at 2:30a with contractions, this app allowed me just to click the start button to time my contractions. I timed them myself for about an hour before waking my husband. The app tells you the length and interval of your last contraction and the average length and intervals of your contractions. When you're in pain you'll appreciate just clicking start and end versus trying to manually time or trying to get your husband to time. This app made it so easy to see the interval between contractions drop from 10 minutes to less than 5 over the course of 3 hours. 

After Birth
Smallnest - When baby girl was born she weighed 6lbs 1oz, but had lost 7% of her body weight by the time we left the hospital. This is a normal amount for most babies, but since she was so little, the pediatrician wanted to make sure she was eating and wetting as much as she should be. Smallnest app is an easy way to keep track of feedings and diapers. For the first few days I marked down all her dirty diapers to make sure she was having enough wet diapers. Now that shes definitely having enough dirty diapers, I only use it to keep track of feedings. It's really helpful (especially after wee morning hour feelings) to record which side she nursed on last. Sometimes it's hard to remember what time she nursed last when she's nursing 10 times a day.  This app helps take a little off a new mom's brain, which is definitely helpful because there's already a ton of new things to process and remember!  There's a timer that goes off after 15 minutes of nursing also just to let you know the baby has been nursing for 15 minutes. It's super easy to use too. You just click the Food icon then select which side she is nursing on. It starts a timer automatically. 

Feedly - Like I said, my amazing husband bought me an iPad recently.  Leading up to delivery, I had not read many of the blogs I usually follow. I think my reasoning was that I didn't feel like doing much those last few weeks of pregnancy and I didn't really want to read about other people being productive. The bright side is now I have over 200 blog entries to read. Feedly allows me to read all of my favorite blogs easily with one hand while nursing. With one hand I can swipe right or left to go to the next most recent blog entry on the list of blogs that I follow. Of course swiping up and down lets me read the actual blog article. Sometimes when baby girl is wide eyed while she nurses I just want to stare at her pretty little face the whole time, but sometimes brain stimulation is necessary during those 3am feedings. It clears off a blog entry after I've read it so that the next time I go into the app I only see unread entries. 

Blogger - I haven't been on my computer in the last 10 days except to print shipping labels for online sales. There's no way I have time right now to sit down and write out any blog entries. Being able to draft something up on the iPad when it pops into my brain while she's nursing or during kangaroo care snuggle time (like right now as I write this...)  is wonderful. 

Games - Like nearly everyone else, I have been sucked into Candy Crush (Level 169!). When my brain is too tired to read blogs during a 3am nursing session and I just want to go back to sleep, playing Candy Crush provides the distraction I need to make time fly by (which means sleep comes faster!). Sometimes I also use it to slow my brain down so that I can nap and fall asleep faster while she naps during the day. 

So those are the apps I've been wearing out since coming home from the hospital. Anyone have any additions?  I know there is an app (I can't remember the name) that tells you what medications you can and can't have while breast feeding, but I haven't had a need to download that one yet. 


  1. That contraction app looks fantastic! We had a notebook with scribbled times and notes all over it. It was kind of hilarious-looking by the time we were ready to head into the car and finally call it "legit".

    Good for you for still getting the work-stuff done while in the first few weeks of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day, lady! Sounds like you're having lots of fun!

  2. 1) I feel like you really haven't been spending enough time on Candy Crush and I can't possibly imagine why this is.
    2) I see my blog!
    3) That's all. I'm now dreading the fact that in 30 seconds I'm going to have to decipher some unintelligible set of letters/numbers to prove I'm not a robot.


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