Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1 Post weekend thoughts

Disclaimer: I wrote this post on Monday from my iPad, but didn't manage to make it to the computer to add photos until today.  Obviously I'm still adjusting to this time balancing thing with the baby.

We had a great weekend. It's sort of surreal to have celebrated my first Mother's Day!

We worked on some projects that were started pre-baby. What a wake-up call as to how much slower things go now that we have baby!

The weekend before she was born we scored this heavy old dresser at a yard sale. It was only $25 for both the dresser and mirror.  When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for our first large piece of furniture painting project - mostly because of the price tag it wouldn't be a disaster if it didn't turn out perfectly.

Let's hope the "after" picture is a big improvement!

$25 for the dresser and mirror (in the background) and $15 for the nightstand!
Three days after we bought the dresser, our baby was born so that put a little delay on working on it. But we started on Saturday priming the dresser.  I had to stop twice to feed the little one, so most of the work was done by my hubby. I hope we will be able to finish the dresser in the evenings this week and hopefully have some pictures of a successfully painted dresser. (Fingers crossed). 

Another project we started the weekend before baby was born was painting the bathroom that's attached to the baby's room. It was an awful, awful shade of orange that was dark and just ugly. Since baby girl's room is pink with blue accents, and the bathroom is also attached to another bedroom that could be a future girl or boy's room, I thought a bright shade of blue would be perfect to brighten the bathroom and tie in to the blue in the nursery.

Halloween bathroom is no more!

The week the baby was born I also became the owner of my first ever iMac (thanks to my wonderful husband).  The oversized screen is going to be awesome for web design work, but I have to admit I've struggled a little bit converting to a Mac!  I've had PC's my entire life, and despite being very computer literate, I've never actually used Macs.  I guess I'm able to relate a little better to people I give computer help to now because I'm starting out as a total beginner on this Mac.  I keep having to Google even the simplest things (There's no button to eject the CD - how do I eject?  Oh, duh, there's a button on the keyboard).  As I become more and more comfortable using it though, I love it!

Side note: I'm halfway through my first tomato sandwich of the summer.  This is special because (1) Tomatoes gave me awful reflux during pregnancy so I had to avoid them at all cost and (2) Nothing says it's summertime in Georgia to me like a tomato sandwich.  I ate these all the time growing up.  Although the tomatoes then were much better because they were homegrown (hint, hint Mom...)

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  1. LOVE that dresser! I bet it'll look amazing with a coat of paint. I can NEVER find a good yard sale dresser!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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