Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1 I Hate Orange (Bathroom Re-Do)

As Georgia Bulldog fans, we're used to saying "I Hate Orange"  All of our biggest rival schools have orange in their team colors somewhere.  So it's strange that the bathroom adjacent to the baby's room was painted orange.  You might think a bright color like orange would be vibrant and brighten up the bathroom.  Instead, it made it feel more like a dungeon.  Not to mention my husband hates orange.

A project we started the weekend before baby was born was painting the bathroom.  It was an awful, awful shade of orange that was dark and just ugly. It's a jack and jill type bathroom that attaches two bedrooms together.  Since baby girl's room is pink with blue accents, and the other bedroom could be a future girl or boy's room, I thought a bright shade of blue would be perfect to brighten the bathroom and tie in to the blue in the nursery.  It also isn't a girly color in case distant future baby is a boy!

We really lucked out recently in discovering that our local flea market sells Sherwin Williams "mess ups" for $5 a gallon.  Amazing!  We bought some when we painted our new dresser, and we also bought some for this project.  Obviously the only downside is you can only get what they already have.  Most colors they only have one gallon of, but some colors they have two gallons.  If we ever need more than one gallon at a time, my plan is to find 2 or 3 gallons that are colors that are "close" to each other, then mix them in a 5 gallon bucket.  But this is a small dresser, so 1 gallon was more than enough!  We were perusing through the little flea market shop one weekend with my parents when I saw the perfect color blue.  It couldn't match the blue accents in baby girl's room any better!

$5 Gallon of Sherwin Williams paint

I'm so happy with how this color turned out!  I printed off some cute kidsy artwork online after making a few adjustments and put in white frames from Wal-Mart.

My only problem... I don't know what to do about these mirrors!  Currently they lean up against the wall and overlap slightly.  I was ready to hang them on the walls after my hubby was done painting, but  theres a note on the back from the manufacturer that says do not use wire, only hang with included hardware.  There's no hardware taped on the back - I bought these 4 years ago from Hobby Lobby and can't remember if there was ever any hardware taped to the back.  So I guess until I figure out the safest way to hang these really heavy things, they're going to remain leaned up against the wall.

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