Sunday, February 23, 2014

1 I'm back... and not as good a blogger 6 as ever... and I wouldn't haveit any other way

I'm back!

I miss blogging.  Why have I been MIA for awhile?

Because I don't have time to take DSLR-quality photos.  Because I forget to take before photos.  Because when I want to do a project, I don't have time to photo document every single step.

But I want to keep blogging.  Why?

I recently ran across some of my old diaries from when I was growing up in my Mom's attic.  It was so awesome to read through them, and be taken immediately back to moments from when I was 8, 9, 10, 11... years old and remember things that hadn't even crossed my mind in 20 years.  Those events and moments would have all been forgotten forever if someone hadn't given me my first journal, and if I hadn't been diligent about writing everyday.  I'm so thankful that I can forever look back and remember those moments.  They'll never be lost, because they've been written.

And even for last year, there are many parts of my pregnancy that have already flown out of mind.  Going back through the blog entries brings me back to the day I wrote them.  And I want baby girl to be able to read through and see the photos one day and see exactly what was going on in our world as we were getting ready to welcome her into our lives.

So I'm back.  Because I want to save my blog entries, and I want baby girl to be able to look back one day and know exactly what was going on in our world during her first years on this planet.

So here's to low-quality iPhone photos, more special moments than projects, more links to I-copied-how-this-blogger-did-something than tutorials of my own.  Because life's about more than keeping up with the Joneses (blog).

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  1. Hey! You stopped by my little piece of the blogging world recently and looked at the swing set my husband and I built... Anyway, I love blogging for the same exact reason as you! It's so fun being able to look back!! I have also been on an unannounced blogging absence and will be making my return Monday. Not because anyone has missed me.. haha Only because I miss documenting. Which, I guess means we're both "in it" for the right reasons? Your little lady is adorable! I'm looking forward to adding your blog to my reading list!

    Janice @ NearlyHandmade


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