Thursday, April 3, 2014

6 Outdoor Living Space

Our outdoor living area is coming along quickly thanks to my rock star hubby who has basically been out in the yard every night after work.

It's funny, I used to think people who had outdoor rugs were ridiculous.  After all, it's the outdoors it should be rugged and rough and whatnot. BUT then we experienced our first springtime with our little 10 month old. And now suddenly an outdoor rug seemed like a great idea to protect from splinters on the deck.  Funny how quickly a mindset can change.

So one day a couple weeks ago when I got home from work, my husband had a surprise waiting. He had our deck set up with an outdoor rug I had noticed at Sam's Club a few days earlier. I must say, it totally changes the look of our outdoor living space and I. LOVE. IT.  Mind changed, completely.

We also picked up the two end tables at Sam's. They double as storage for our patio furniture cushions.  If we didn't hide them away every night during this time of year, they would be yellow cushions, not red.  Ahh, pollentime in Georgia. But the end table storage is a tremendous help because previously we were constantly hauling the cushions inside to a closet to protect them. It's so convenient to have the storage right there.

I don't love the throw pillows, but they actually came with our original cushion set that was destroyed within Year 1 from the elements.  So they're free.  I saw some cute ones at Home Depot the other day that were blue with red seahorses and I think would look great.  Maybe they'll go on sale...

And we're still not sure what to do with the "coffee table" in the middle.  It also originally had a cushion that went on top of it that was destroyed.  We need to come up with something to put on top of it that makes it functional as a copy table.  We're just not sure what that is yet.

I would say baby girl approves of the outdoor rug.

In fact she may like it a little TOO much since she's throwing a tantrum for having to sit with mom and dad.

And remember what the backyard looked like before?  This & This.

Now it's starting to look more like.. THIS (again, thanks rockstar Hubby.)


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