Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 WHY GEORGIA: Chop Time

I’ve never been a big fan of baseball.  I know, I know.  America's Favorite Pasttime.  Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  BUT there’s just too much downtime for me.  It can’t hold my attention.  I need something more fast paced to watch.
But my husband’s company’s family day ever year is at a Braves game, so one Friday night in June the three of us headed to Atlanta to take in a Braves game.  It was, of course, baby girl’s first Braves game ever and a stop by guest relations earned us a certificate that says as much.  And I must say, even though baseball isn't my favorite sport, I do enjoy our yearly trip to the Braves game.  It's a fun time for everyone, whether or not we are glued to the action on the field.

This year was especially fun because baby girl's reaction to everything was brand new.  She's been to basketball games, gym meets, and college baseball games, but she's never been in a stadium as large as the Braves stadium.  At the beginning of the game, they had paratroopers land on the field and watching her jaw drop as she saw a man come floating out of the air to land on the field was a really cool moment.

While the game was going on, she preferred to stand in the chair facing backwards and hold court for the 4 rows behind us.  She had at least 4 different groups of people entertained at her dazzling little smile and antics.

She is truly something very, very special and we feel so blessed to be her parents.  But it’s a really good thing that I’m NOT a big fan of baseball, because keeping up with little Ms. On-The-Go and keeping her from climbing over the back of a seat, distracting her from pulling the girl’s hair in front of us, and keeping her well hydrated required FULL attention.  But baby girl had an absolute blast making new friends and in the end – that’s what it’s all about!

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